Friday, October 22, 2010

Dream World, Bangkok

I had been to Dream World 5 years ago.. So, I thought of going for another time to check out the difference at 5 years later. I was quite disappointed that nothing had changed. It wasn’t fun as the weather was hot, the sun was glaring .. we were both sweating a lot throughout the few hours in the theme park.

Dream World is a theme park in Bangkok. This place basically offers 4 sections which is Dream World Plaza, Dream Garden, Fantasy Land and Adventure land. We took a package that Dream World offered at THB 1000 per pax that is inclusive of:

- Free entry to Snow Town
- Re-riding
- A buffet lunch
- Free round trip transfer from/to any hotel within Bangkok.

Just email to this address : for your booking.
Here are some Dream World photos to share…

Coconut drinks to quench our thirst
Lunch buffet that they serve..
Snow Town The haunted house..
Some games that you can play 4 Wonderful Gardens The Cactus Garden

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trip to Bangkok 2010 - Food

It has been a while since I last blog. Life has been pretty hectic during the past months that I don't have the mood to blog. Thank God, things are back to normal now (I guess)

Had a trip to Bangkok from 18-22 August, 2010 with Dearie and Dearie's buddy, Brandon. Because we had a Bangkok trip last year, so this time, we do not visit any temples except for Erawan Shrine which is located very near to our hotel. Yes, we concentrate purely on shopping. It was a relax shopping trip and at the same time enjoying some super delicious meals!!

This time, I will only post the food that we had and our visit to DreamWorld only. The rest, I think I had blogged it in my last year's Bangkok Blog. Click here if you wish to see my year 2009 blogpost.

I wasn’t in the mood in taking photographs all along the trip so, there are limited photos during my Bangkok trip.

The flight to Bangkok by Air Asia

Touched down in Survanarbumi Airport, Bangkok

Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice (Khao Mun Kai)

To our surprise it is just about 4 mins away from our hotel. Lucky Us... we didn't need to walk so far. From afar, we knew that we had reached the place. This is because it is easily noticeable as their waitresses are all wearing in shocking pink. The waitresses couldn’t speak any English. We just pointed the chicken rice and used our fingers to show 3 and they knew what we want.

Though it was just a short 4 mins walk, we were already sweating. Thus, we had ordered coke to cool ourselves down. It came with a metal mug that contained lots of ice.

Pratunam Chicken Rice stands out with their special dipping soy sauce with shredded “CILI PADI”. You can never find this in Malaysia. When the chicken rice was served, it looked pretty dull. The chicken is boneless and without any gravy. I would say the chicken rice is less oily to compare with what we have here. It is a MUST to eat the chicken rice with the soy sauce provided.

We saw another table had a bowl of chicken bone soup. So, we pointed to the waitress that we wanted that too. It was indeed all chicken bones in it. I find the soup is over peppery for my personal liking.

Petchburi Soi 30, Bangkok
Price : THB 30 per serving excluding drinks and extra soup.

Sizzler, Siam Center
Recommended by bestie, Shih Shih, we managed to visit Sizzler for some western food that we couldn’t find in KL. NO REGRETS at all!

We waited outside the restaurant for about 30 mins just to wait to be seated. It was a long, long queue that the staff had to take down our name and yelling for your name once it’s your seat is ready. It seems that everyone loves Sizzler here!! While waiting, we managed to browse through the menu they had.. and got to know that all dine-in meals comes with unlimited choices from the Sizzler bar. That means it is all-you-can-eat for whatever food served at the Sizzler bar..salad, pasta, soup, fruits and desserts!! Too bad, I didn’t take any photos there and now I regretted it!

This is Brandon’s order. Full Rack Barbeque Pork Spareribs. It is so tasty. It is their signature dish in Sizzler. Definitely a MUST order if you are in Sizzler. Two thumbs UP!! They also offer Wednesday Night Specials on their menu. Dearie ordered “Pork Sausage & Barbeque Pork Spareribs (half rack). Thinking that half rack was enough… unfortunately, it came in a very small portion only and least appealing. THB 299I actually wanted Barbeque Pork Boston but they didn’t have it on that day. Not sure why.. Thus, I had ordered Pork Sausage and Teriyaki Chopped Steak 100gm from the Wednesday Night Specials menu that costs THB 209 only.

Fuji Restaurant, MBK
We had our lunch at Fuji Restaurant. There are so many Fuji branches around Bangkok. You can see it at almost all shopping malls. During lunch hour, they had lunch set menu at very affordable prices. It's another reason why we love Bangkok so much..

Tako, the appetizer that we ordered.Tasty Beef SetTasty Pork Set Tasty Teriyaki Chicken Set

Chinese Restaurant, Opposite Pratunam Center
We just walked around to see what we can have for dinner. Came across this Chinese restaurant about 6 mins away from our hotel, opposite to Pratunam Center. I don’t know what is the name of this restaurant but there are a lot of locals having their dinner here. As it was night time, other shops were closed, so they placed the tables and chairs along the shop lots.

Luckily they have English menu. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know what to order for our dinner.

Stir-fry Garlic Chives with Roasted Pork. Two Thumbs Up!!

Steam fish with soy sauce Tom Yam Gung
Stir-fry Minced Beef with Basil Leaves
I can’t remember how much does the dinner costs but Dearie said it was expensive.

T&K Seafood, Chinatown.
We were here last year. Thinking that Brandon should come to try out their food, so we went again. It was very unfortunate for us as it was drizzling after we got down from the taxi to Chinatown. Last visit, we were seated on the ground floor near the main entrance. But this time, we were brought to the upper floor. The stairs were very narrow and small. Reaching the first floor, there were some tables occupied by eaters and the waiter guided us to the balcony where there were people cooking there!!!! We were then guided to the next door balcony entering another side of seating area. And we were seated there.

The menu they had was very helpful as it came with pictures and prices. I’m not sure if I had named these correctly. Basically these are what we had lah..

Stir-fried Morning Glory. It is actually KangKung lah..

Squid with Curry Powder.

Crab with Curry Powder.

Deep Fried Crispy Fish. We find this too dry. Preferably, steam fish. Don’t judge by the look of this Tom Yam Soup. It was quite spicy though.

MOS Burger, Siam Paragon
MOS Burger is also something we do not have in KL. It was a treat from Brandon as it was Dearie’s birthday on 21st August 2010. MOS Burger is originated from Japan. Upon ordering, you will be given a table number to be placed on the table and the staffs will deliver your orders to your table. We sat nearby the open kitchen where we can see the staffs preparing the burger. You can see in step by step on how they do it. Again no photos taken as I was lazy.

I don’t remember what Dearie ordered but it is definitely something with PORK. It came in rather small in size but it is tasty. I ordered Beef Rice burger. I thought it would be special having rice burger instead of bun. To me, the beef tasted like Yoshinoya beef if you had tried Yoshinoya beef rice before.
Fries from MOS Burger.
Coke .. and the coaster..